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zondag 17 februari 2013

Starting a 40 day meditation challenge (anyone wanna join in?)

I had my first encounter with meditation back in 1996 when I did a meditation course. The course was something like 4 * 2 hour evening sessions and I spent a bit of time meditating each evening. Basically I just stayed still and focused on my breath. Even though I was a complete novice and was only spending 10 or 15 minutes a day on the practice, meditation had a really positive impact on my life back then.

I felt much more relaxed and at peace and content. A couple of months after I started meditating I moved to a different city and meditation somehow got pushed to one side. That was almost 17 years ago and it's still pushed to one side now! I often mean to try and establish a meditation habit but up until now I've never been able to actually do it for anymore than a day or two.

So this is my attempt to make a 'public' commitment to meditate twice per day for the next 40 days. I say 'public' as I'm not sure if anyone other than me will actually read this but anyway :-)

If anyone out there is reading this and wants to join in this challenge with me then I'd love to hear from you and maybe we can support each other in giving it a go...

I'll try and post on here every day to let you know how it's going...

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