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Getting sick...

My first symptoms appeared in April 2010. The first problem was an intense all-over muscle ache. Every single muscle, right down to the muscles in my little finger, ached. I brushed it off and went to work.

A few days later my I got blurry vision one afternoon. My periperal vision went all shimmery. It was disconcerting but it had been a super hot, bright sunny day so I put it down to that and ignored it.

The next thing to come along was super sensitive skin. Everything that my skin came into contact with such as clothes, bedsheets, etc caused pain. Again, it as weird but I brushed it off.

Insomnia - this was one of the first problems and the one that persisted all the way through my illness. For 2.5 years I hardly slept. Initially it was due to the pain but even once the pain had subsided the inability to sleep stayed.

Aside from the insomnia, the problems initially only occurred occasionally but as the weeks went by the frequency and severity of the problems speed up. The blurry vision went from once every few weeks to once a week, to once every couple of days and got to the stage where I completely lost my vision every couple of hours.

By this stage I'd been sick for about 5 weeks and went to the doctors to see if they could help. It was then that things really began to speed up. In one week the following problems all jumped on board...

- Facial paralysis (bells palsy) - I woke up one morning and my face had got kind of lop sided. When I had a drink it just dribbled down my chin.

- Nerve pain (neuropathy) - I started to get really bad nerve pain in my hand and, especially, my feet. It varied from a dull persistent ache through to a sharp pain (like when get a filling and the dentist hits a nerve)

- Loss of taste - especially when drinking

- Arthritis - this was by far the worst pain. I got it in my toes and fingers and it felt like someone was pulling on the bone with a pair of pliers.

- Collapsing - Luckily this only happened once (just outside the railway station). No-one asked if I was OK or tried to help.
- Brain fog - hard to focus, feeling out of it. Doing the most basic things (especially if they involved leaving the house) was difficult.

During that week I went to the doctors twice and was fortunate enough to go straight from the 2nd appointment to the hospital. More on this in the Getting treated page...

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