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Intro to my blog

me & lyme - an intro

In 2010 I got really sick and was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease. The road to recovery was long but eventually I was able to figure out what I could do to maximise my health and energy. And now my health is generally far better than before I got sick.

When my struggle with Lyme was at it's most intense I would go days without sleeping. During these times I would trawl through internet forums looking for help and inspiration from people who had overcome the disease. Sadly optimistic messages about late stage Lyme disease were very hard to find.

The reason I started this blog was to offer hope and tips for people who may find themselves in the same situation. Sometimes with Lyme you can feel that both your physical and mental health are being eroded away. But in the vast majority of cases a full recovery is possible.

In this blog I'll write about my experience with Lyme and what recovery strategies worked best for me.

If you're currently battling Lyme then I wish you all the best for a full an speedy recovery!

The photo below is me about 9 months after first getting sick - rigged up to all sorts of neurological monitoring gadgets to try and figure out what I could do about my chronic insomnia...

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